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Do You Remember That Year? 

Can you tell the story of your experiences from the videos you took on your phone? A deeply personal film about anxiety, privilege, and the tricky business of bad things happening to us while even worse things happen to others.

Narrated by a human and a computer voice, the film is a meditation on how fast-paced, goal-oriented, and measurable our lives have become. Does pressing Record on your phone help you understand the world around you – or hide from it? Fast editing, split-screens, breakneck durations and simulations of ocular migraines turn two years’ worth of images (from Cambodia, UK, Italy, Spain) into an exploration of whether anxiety is something entirely individual or maybe something that comes, at least in part, from how humans treat themselves, each other and the planet.

Winner of Video World Premiere Prize at Avanca Film Festival (Portugal) 2021

Winner of Best SmartPhone Film at South Coast Film Festival (United Kingdom) 2021


Matthew Flacks

Written, directed and produced by

Piotr Cieplak

Cinematography and editing by

Piotr Cieplak

Music by

Piotr Cieplak

Benjamin Tisset

Duration: 9 mins

Date of completion: April 2021

Image: Colour

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Shooting format: 4K

Screening format: digital file

Language: English

Country of production: United Kingdom

Filmed in: United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Cambodia. 

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