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(Dis)Appear follows Gabriel and Ana as they return to their hometown and explore what role photography can play when faced with personal and collective traumas of the past. It is a documentary about the powerful relationship between photography, memory and the forced disappearances and systematic murderer perpetrated by Argentina’s most recent civic-military dictatorship (1976-1983).


Gabriel Orge is a photographer known for his large-scale projections of the photos of the disappeared in public spaces. Ana Iliovich is an author and survivor of La Perla, a clandestine torture and detention centre; in many ways, a concentration camp. They were both born and raised in Bell Ville, and that’s where they return to in (Dis)Appear. Gabriel comes back to organise a commemorative projection of the photo of a local woman murdered by the dictatorship. Ana, and her brother Lisandro, return to start a long-overdue conversation about a family photograph taken in 1977, when Ana was allowed to leave the concentration camp and visit her family for the first time since her kidnapping. During this period of monitored “freedom” – in which she had to return to La Perla after weekends at home – Ana’s family took many photographs, to prove that Ana was alive and to try to stop her from being killed.


(Dis)Appear is a film about the personal becoming political and about the important part private, family photography can play in the ongoing memory work related to survival, grief and the search for justice.


Gabriel Orge

Ana Iliovich

Lisandro Iliovich

Directed and produced by

Piotr Cieplak

Written by

Piotr Cieplak

Mariana Tello Weiss

Editing and postproduction by 

Carlos Cáceres

Sebastián Cáceres

Cinematography by

 Sebastián Cáceres

Sound mix and recording by

Carlos Cáceres

Music by 

Fernando “Rahe” Israilevich

Marcela Orge

Duration: 62 mins

Date of completion: April 2023

Image: Colour and B&W

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Shooting format: 4K

Screening format: DCP, digital file

Language: Spanish (english subtitles)

Country of production: U.K.

Filmed in: Argentina

With support from: The British Academy and The University of Sussex  

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